*I had a wonderful experience furthering my knowledge of Essential Oils with Aroma Hut Asheville Institute.  Michele was very knowledgable, respectful, and always returned my phone call and emails.  This course will teach you to make blends, help clients choose their oils, and educate them on Essential Oil facts.  I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning more about Essential Oils.  I use them everyday in my home and in my Dental Hygiene practice!
-Jennifer Hutchinson, RDH

Taylor Adobe

*Michele is a very knowledgeable and passionate aromatherapist.  She not only has the knowledge of how to use essential oils safely but also the background in health care that helps bring your essential oil knowledge to real world application.  She is dedicated to helping others expand their knowledge, she is a great mentor and has spent many hours with me on the phone and by email helping me along in my passion of essential oils. I am an Emergency Room Nurse and use essential oils everyday at home on myself and children, I  have also seen their benefits with many medical problems.  I would hands down recommend anyone to expand their knowledge of essential oils by taking her online classes from Aromahut Institute.

Taylor Inman, RN

*As a psychiatric nurse practitioner I’m limited on the the availability of treatment modalities to offer my patient’s dealing with mental illnesses due to insurance limitations and side effects. I was looking for ways to support patients more naturally and met Michele.  She offered suggestions and support for my patients emotional well-being and once I began using essential oils, I saw amazing results.  My ability to help my patients, limit side effects, and teach family members about essential oils led led me to want to learn more.

I enrolled in Michele’s online Aromatherapist Certification Course and haven’t turned back since. Having the certification has given me a whole world of new treatment modalities allowing my patients to partake in there own well being. I have recommended the class to many of my patients who have also taken the class. It’s opened up an amazing journey for me and those around me.

Andrea D. Greco, ARNP
Family psychiatric and mental health practitioner

Lisa Individual Pic (1)*Michele has been a real blessing in the past two years to assist me in learning about how essential oils work with the physical and emotional body to allow you to have a healthier lifestyle.  I have loved learning from Michele, as she continues to learn and is so willing to share her knowledge and experience! Not only is she a wealth of information, but she also inspires others to learn for themselves, so they can become a resource for others!

Lisa Ellison

image1*I met Michele Botwright, more the 4 years ago and her authentic and genuine care for people has made my life better in so many aspects.  Because she introduced me to essential oils, I now have confidence on the proper use and dilution in utilizing essential oils in almost every aspect of my life. From cleaning supplies to beauty products, and, most amazingly, in my emotional well -being.  My comfort level in using essential oils has increased greatly because of Michele’s outstanding teaching and mentoring.  Her support and knowledge not only guided me in the foundational prinicples of aromatherapy, but also the scientific understanding of essential oil chemical constituents.  She always made herself available when I had concerns.  I give Michele Botwright my highest recommendation without reservation.
Lori Oliveri
Naples FL