micheleClinical Aromatherapist Michele Botwright, the instructor at Aroma Hut Institute of Asheville, NC, enthusiastically shares the real-world benefits of the application and blending of essential oils to support our bodies emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Michele’s passion and mission is to empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists in the personally rewarding profession of sharing essential oils and being the agent of change for people.

Michele’s interest in aromatherapy initially grew from working with the senior population and people with chronic health conditions.  Now she is passionate about encouraging the growth of Certified Aromatherapists so that everyone can be empowered by the usefulness of essential oils in their professions and everyday life.  Her company, Oils in Action, www.oilsinaction.com, provides business solutions for a happier, healthier workplace by reducing fatigue, stress and increasing productivity among staff and customers alike.  Her success in the business market is directly related to her true love for serving and encouraging people, and, the skills she attained in her previous occupation in sales and marketing with a fortune 500 company makes her a not only a great educator but, her experience, gives her clients the edge when it comes to jumping in to the business world.  Whether you are interested in pursuing Aromatherapy Certification for a new career path, continuing education credit (CEU), or to upgrade your professional status, Michele Botwright will support, encourage and help you achieve your ultimate goal of sharing the life changing and rewarding benefits of aromatherapy in the world today.

Michele’s Specializations:

  • Supporting pain management protocols
  • Relieving stress suffered by people with chronic conditions
  • Wellness and productivity in the workplace
  • Wellness in the home
  • Good business practices in using Aromatherapy
  • Building and/or growing a successful business using Aromatherapy Certification
  • Proper use of essential oils with children
  • Application of essential oils for behavior modification