chamomile-2-407x420-290x300Online learning does not mean you are on your own!  Aroma Hut Asheville Institute is committed to providing our on-line students with a complete, comprehensive, and easy to understand curriculum filled with hands on projects, videos, email, and telephone support.  We understand and admire your vision to become qualified and certified in Aromatherapy and believe our state of the art Aromatherapist education will set you up for success.  In keeping with our commitment to your success, WE..


  1. Offer a free, voluntary course orientation prior to starting your online courses so we can give you tips, pointers and set you up for an enjoyable journey  We want you to be satisfied with Aroma Hut Asheville Institute!
  2. Chose to include quizzes along the way to ensure you have captured the most important learning objectives for each section of your on-line training.
  3. Include a free telephone consultation by our instructor, Michele Botwright.  This one-on-one consultation will give you the confidence, direction and format to complete your own case studies.
  4. Give a one on one consultation and support during the research paper requirement.  We are not all writers by nature.  The most important part of the research assignment is finding something you are passionate about and the rest of the paper will fall in to place.
  5. Provide a free level 1 Professional and level 2, Clinical textbook and workbook with tuition.
  6. Give FREE tools for your future practice.  Through access to the on-line course, you will be able to create personal folders and save useful forms for FREE through out the course.  Ex.  blending, consultation, recipe forms.

Joyfully give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home with classes that never expire.  We, at Aroma Hut Asheville Institute, believe that you will be able to achieve your vision and move forward in to your career confident, empowered and ready to help others with all the support Aromatherapy has to offer.   Click here to start your journey!

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