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When you subscribe to our Aromatherapy Certification Program (Professional or Clinical Level), you qualify to attend any of our certification in-house training classes (totally optional) at the Aroma Hut Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.  All supplies, manuals and essential oils are provided for the class. Please check our class schedule for dates. Space is limited; RSVP is required. 



For your convenience, our courses are offered on three different payment plans: STARTER, PROFESSIONAL, AND CLINICAL plans. Once you choose your plan, you will be directed to Paypal to set up your reoccurring monthly payment, so you will never have to worry or fret about it again. Rest assured, once your course is paid for, you own it! Your payments will stop automatically after your course has been paid in full.  



  • Awesome Interactive Online Courses 24/7
  • Certification- NAHA approved
  • Textbook and Workbook Included in Price
  • We are Committed and Dedicated to Your Success
  • In-Person Training in North Carolina (optional-not required)
  • Provide a Career Path and Sales and Marketing Mentoring
  • CEUs Available through NCBTMB- Pinellas Park location
  • Live telephone support from instructor, We want to help you succeed
  • Passionate & Qualified Instructor

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micheleClinical Aromatherapist Michele Botwright, the instructor at Aroma Hut Institute serving Asheville, NC through Knoxville, TN, enthusiastically shares the real-world benefits of the application and blending of essential oils to support our bodies emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Michele’s purpose and mission is to develop professionals, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists in the personally rewarding profession of sharing essential oils, creating aromatherapy products, and empowering  medical professionals seeking to add aromatherapy to their practices.

Michele’s interest in aromatherapy initially grew from working with the senior population and people with chronic health conditions.  Now she is passionate about encouraging the growth of Certified Aromatherapists so that everyone can be empowered by the usefulness of essential oils in their professions and everyday life.  Her company,, provides business solutions for a happier, healthier workplace by reducing fatigue, stress and increasing productivity.  Her success in the business market is directly related to her previous occupation in sales and marketing with a fortune 500 company.  Michele’s ability to implement aromatherapy in the clinical setting comes from her hands-on experience with using essential oils therapeutically in a medical setting.  Whether you are interested in pursuing Aromatherapy Certification for a new career path, continuing education credit (CEU), or to upgrade your professional status, Michele Botwright will support, encourage and help you achieve your ultimate goal of sharing the life changing and rewarding benefits of aromatherapy in the world today.

Michele’s Specializations:

  • Supporting pain management protocols
  • Relieving the stress suffered by people with chronic conditions
  • Wellness in the workplace and home
  • Senior solutions for quality of life
  • Good business practices in using Aromatherapy
  • Building and/or growing a successful business using Aromatherapy Certification
  • Proper use of essential oils with children
  • Application of essential oils for behavior modification



COURSE PLANSProfessional-NAHA-Member-150x150AIA-logo-150x150




Home Practitioner

$49.95 / month for 4 months


  • Monthly Phone Consultation Included
  • Free Wellness Consult at completion
  • Email/ Text Teacher Support
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access for 1 year

Aromatherapy Practitioner

$84.00 / month for 7 months and a $66.00 sign-up fee
  • 270 Page HARD Cover, Full-color Textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Level 1
  • Aromatherapy Certification Program Workbook
  • FREE kindle download of Therapeutic blending with Essential Oil
  • Option to add Supply Kit to payment program
  • Email, Text & Phone Mentoring Support
  • Free Wellness Consultation
  • One-on-one training to start Case Studies
  • $100 automatic discount to continue on to level 2
  • Free, Printable tools included in course to start your aromatherapy practice
  • Next step mentoring call at completion of program
  • My commitment to Serve and Support You to Completion
  • Call/Text Michele at 786-556-9105, I am happy to help:)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access
  • Click Here for description of Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 Course Online (beginners welcome; anyone can take this course)

Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner

$149.00 / month for 11 months and a $111.00 sign-up fee
  • INCLUDED Level 1 Aromatherapy Practitioner Course 
  • INCLUDED Level 2 Certified Aromatherapy Course
  • INCLUDED BONUS Modules : Skeletal and Rheumatism
  • 270 Page Hard Cover, Full-color Textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 included
  • 435 Page Hard Cover, Full-color Textbook, Aromatherapy Certification Level 2 included
  •  Downloadable Aromatherapy Certification Workbook included
  • FREE Kindle BOOK, Therapuetic Blending with Essential Oil inlcuded 
  • NAHA APPROVED +200 Hours
  • Quizzes as You Proceed Through the Course for Ease of Recall
  • Email, Text & Phone mentoring Support
  • One on One Mentoring to Start Case Studies and Research Paper
  • 60 minute free business consulation
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to online program
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • An available, passionate instructor
  • Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 Course Online        Learn More
  • Access to Aromatherapy Certification Level 2 Course Online       Learn More
  • Bonus: Elective Modules on Body Systems & Diseases Included Learn More


Carrier Oils; Essential Oil’s BFFs

Part 1 of 3 While essential oils are picking up well-deserved, long-overdue notoriety within the marketplace and health and wellness industry, carrier oils are playing their role behind the scenes.  Though they are not as well-recognized to the general public nor sold in most retail establishments, there certainly are a large variety of carrier oils […]


image-13I had a wonderful experience furthering my knowledge of Essential Oils
with Aroma Hut Institute.  Michele was very knowledgable, respectful, and
always returned my phone call and emails.  This course will teach you to
make blends, help clients choose their oils, and educate them on Essential
Oil facts.  I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in
learning more about Essential Oils.  I use them everyday in my home and in
my Dental Hygiene practice!
-Jennifer Hutchinson, RDH


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